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The Lake Poem/Photo

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Nov. 29th, 2005 | 02:08 am
mood: gloomyNostalgic; thinking of Germany
music: Kaiser Chiefs - You Can Have It All

So, to make myself feel better, I decided to post to any who might be interested what I think is my best work so far.

The Lake

I wrote The Lake while in Germany, attending a Palestinian-Israeli seminar. The situation was very overwhelming for me. First of all, my grandparents are from Germany and in a way I always felt like I belong there, sometimes I felt more belong to Europe then Israel. I still sometimes can't believe I was actually there, it doesn't seem real.
Secondly, it was a very difficult seminar, emotionally. I'm a very strong left, I say and think things most Israelis would strongly disagree about, and not only did the Palestinian said they hate me just because I'm from Israel, and they did say that is those words, I also felt like the Israeli group would alien me. Though they didn't, and that was the most overwhelming thing.

I traveled there with two girl I knew for a year, we called ourselves friends but they were real hypocrites and looked down on me a lot. The other didn't, the other Israelis really liked me and I had so much fun and experiences with them at this amazing place... and everything was just too much. After coming back from the lake we had just a few minutes from our dorms, in the middle of this amazing forest, I sat down and wrote this. Four month later, I'm in Israel and still thinking about that seminar nearly everyday (with the political situation I don't have much choice, it was a real eye opener being there). I went to Acre, the old part of Akko to shot the sunset.

That seminar changed my left, I'm glad my best work was written there.

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